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Report generator for OCaml Labs
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ocl-reporter converts a directory of files containing project and people information into a set of web pages for OCaml Labs.

It's currently not intended for external use (mainly because it was hacked together at high speed for purpose), but we do intend to evolve it into a more general purpose reporting tool for other projects too.

Updating the live site

  • Edit the data in lib/ with your changes. The interesting files are in data*.ml. Verify your changes with make run.
  • The web pages need to be run through ucampas to add the Cambridge styling, to make www will do that. This will change the contents of the pages directory only, so commit those results too.
  • A cron job runs every hour on to sync the contents of pages/ with the live directory. That server doesnt run any code, so it just runs the make cron target to rsync files.
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