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PHP HTTP client library for API.
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Cybozu HTTP client for PHPSoftware License

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Cybozu HTTP is a PHP HTTP client library for API. API Documentation

Japanese English

Available API

  • kintone API
  • User API

If you want to use Garoon API, please send Pull Request.


  • PHP >=7.1
  • Composer
  • To use the PHP stream handler, allow_url_fopen must be enabled in your system's php.ini.
  • To use the cURL handler, you must have a recent version of cURL >= 7.19.4 compiled with OpenSSL and zlib.


The recommended way to install Cybozu HTTP is with Composer. Composer is a dependency management tool for PHP that allows you to declare the dependencies your project needs and installs them into your project.

    $ curl -sS | php
    $ mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer

You can add Cybozu HTTP as a dependency using the composer

    $ composer require ochi51/cybozu-http

Alternatively, you can specify Cybozu HTTP as a dependency in your project's existing composer.json file:

       "require": {
          "ochi51/cybozu-http": "^1.4"

After installing, you need to require Composer's autoloader:

    require 'vendor/autoload.php';

Quick start

    $api = new \CybozuHttp\Api\KintoneApi(new \CybozuHttp\Client([
        'domain' => '',
        'subdomain' => 'your-subdomain',
        'login' => 'your-login-name',
        'password' => 'your-password',
    // get record that kintone app id is 100 and record id is 1.
    $record = $api->record()->get(100, 1);




To run the tests, you need to following process.

  • Prepare your kintone account.
    • Free trial is here
  • Create kintone space template. (Enable multiple thread)
  • Create graph.
  • Edit parameters.yml.

Run the following command from the project folder.

    $ php ./bin/phpunit


  • Japanese documentation.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.

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