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arg and flag parser for oclif
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arg and flag parser for oclif

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CLI flag parser.


const CLI = require('cli-flags')

const {flags, args} = CLI.parse({
  flags: {
    'output-file': CLI.flags.string({char: 'o'}),
    force: CLI.flags.boolean({char: 'f'})
  args: [
    {name: 'input', required: true}

if (flags.force) {
  console.log('--force was set')

if (flags['output-file']) {
  console.log(`output file is: ${flags['output-file']}`)

console.log(`input arg: ${args.input}`)

// $ node example.js -f myinput --output-file=myexample.txt
// --force was set
// output file is: myexample.txt
// input arg: myinput
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