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Open DataOps Foundation

Modern data platform that empowers organizations to discover, transform, analyse and secure data faster and efficiently.


  1. optimus Public

    Optimus is an easy-to-use, reliable, and performant workflow orchestrator for data transformation, data modeling, pipelines, and data quality management.

    Go 649 146

  2. dagger Public

    Dagger is an easy-to-use, configuration over code, cloud-native framework built on top of Apache Flink for stateful processing of real-time streaming data.

    Java 219 28

  3. firehose Public

    Firehose is an extensible, no-code, and cloud-native service to load real-time streaming data from Kafka to data stores, data lakes, and analytical storage systems.

    Java 272 44

  4. raccoon Public

    Raccoon is a high-throughput, low-latency service to collect events in real-time from your web, mobile apps, and services using multiple network protocols.

    Go 152 18

  5. shield Public

    Shield is a role-based cloud-native user management system, identity & access proxy, and authorization server for your applications and API endpoints.

    Go 179 15

  6. stencil Public

    Stencil is a schema registry that provides schema management and validation dynamically, efficiently, and reliably to ensure data compatibility across applications.

    Go 167 30