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OERPUB Project Description

This project site is for hosting designs, discussions, and code that provide authoring tools and API's for interacting (and specifically for authoring and publishing) with open education resource (OER) repositories.

The goal of the project is to make it easier to create, edit, and adapt educational content (especially textbooks). We have been adapting existing protocols for publishing new learning materials in OER repositories. Common APIs allow an ecosystem to grow around OER repositories or libraries to provide services and tools for creating, combining, editing, translating, adapting, publishing, and delivering learning content. And now we are working on authoring tools to support creating structured educational content that can be remixed and adapted and easily produced in print, web, and mobile.

For more about the project as a whole see our website:

Shuttleworth Funded

Overview and OERPUB Project Organization

  • Software
  • Textbook/EPUB editor (create textbooks and epubs): Source, Demo The textbook editor uses github to store books and the author's browser for editing. Changes are updated using the github API. The structure of the book is an EPUB3, which can be downloaded from github.
  • Remix (convert/edit/import OER): Source, Service OERPUB-REMIX is for importing, editing, and depositing educational documents, especially textbooks. The deposit protocol is based on SWORD and works with Connexions ( currently. The application imports documents in Word, Open Office, LaTeX, Google Docs, or HTML format. Then an HTML5 editor, based on Aloha, is used to edit the documents. Finally, metadata is added, and then the document can be downloaded and saved locally, or uploaded to for publishing as part of an open textbook and educational resource library.
  • Semantic-aware HTML5 editor (OER editor): Source, Demo Both Textbook Editor and Remix use the OERPUB fork of Aloha Editor.
  • Issues
  • Roadmap
  • Recent sprints and hackdays
  • Mailing lists
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