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ActiveGS, Apple 2/2GS emulator for iOS
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Activegs IOS

ActiveGS Logo

Source code for the complete ActiveGS iOS application

Installation Process (easier than it sounds!)

  • Download Xcode 7
  • Download and unzip the archvie
  • Open the XCode project activegs-ios/ActiveGS_iOS/activegs.xcodeproj
  • Select activegs on the left panel (1), and click on General
  • Change the bundle id to whatever you want (2)
  • Click on Team and add your Apple ID (you don’t need to be part of a paid Developer Member ) : your personal team should be selected (3)
  • Plug your device, and select is name at the top of the XCode Interface (4)
  • Press the PLAY button to compile the application and install it to your device (5)
  • On first launch, you may see the "process launch failed: Security" error message : to fix it, modify your settings in your iDevice Settings → General → DeviceManagement → DeveloperApp → Trust
  • The ActiveGS application is now installed on your device!

Intallation Instructions

Open/Known issues

  • Orientation
  • Hardware keyboard support
  • iOS7 UI redesign
  • Debug Marinetti TCP/IP
  • IP Modem support
  • Interface for multiple disks configuration
  • MFI / Gamepad support

ScreenShot 1

ScreenShot 2

ScreenShot 3

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