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Kanon Project

Kanon Project is clone of OpenProj known as Ganttchat based Project Management tool as MS Project. OpenProj is grate PM tool but it have not been maintained any more. So author decide clone and fixed bug, improve function.

  • Support PNG/SVG export.
  • Intagrate trac ticket.
  • Import MS Project.
  • WebStart.
  • Maven build system.
  • Better Japanese Localization.


Setup Maven

Setup maven for your environment like:

$ export MAVEN_HOME=/opt/maven
$ export MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx500m -Xss128m"

Install custom jars.

Kanon Project needs custom jars. In the first you have to install them.

$ bash


Execute install and assembly like:

$ mvn install
$ cd pkg
$ mvn assembly:assembly

Now you have ditribution:

  • pkg/target/

If you want WebStart, execute webstart:jnlp instead of assembly:

$ mvn webstart:jnlp


Unpack pkg/target/ and execute bin/kanon.bat.

Run Kanon Project with Trac

Kanon Project can integrated with trac. Run with:

$ java -jar lib/KanonProject-x.x.x.jar <TracURL> trac <username> <password>

You have to install TracXMLRPC plugin and the user have XML_RPC permission.

Takashi Okamoto