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CLI tool that displays Internet Explorer usage and trends on your site via Google Analytics.
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CLI tool that displays Internet Explorer usage and trends for your site via Google Analytics.

Displays visits from the last month, 6 months ago and 1 year ago (1 month = 4 weeks = 28 days to avoid low-traffic weekend bias).


$ trendie get 123456789

trendie screenshot


Installing via npm (node package manager)

  $ [sudo] npm install -g trendie

Clone & Hack

The source is available for download from GitHub.

  $ git clone && cd trendie
  $ npm install


Set credentials

To use trendie, you must first setup your Google Analytics credentials.

  $ trendie set-user

You will then be prompted for a username & password. Rerunning this command will overwrite any existing user info.

Supply a Google Analytics profile ID

  $ trendie get 123456789

Where 123456789 is a GA profile ID that the supplied user credentials has permissions for.

How do I find my profile ID?


Released under the MIT License.

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