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EZID-PHP is a simple wrapper around the Guzzle HTTP client intended to simplify interaction with the EZID DOI service. It is configurable to use your own authentication and shoulders. Its still early in development. Feel free to use it, but please be be aware there are probably issues and bugs. If you find them report them or fix them!

For further information about the EZID API visit


The recommended way to install Ezid-php is through Composer.

# Install Composer
curl -sS | php

Next, run the Composer command to install the latest stable version of Guzzle:

composer.phar require olendorf/ezid-php

After installing, you need to require Composer's autoloader:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

You can then later update Guzzle using composer:

composer.phar update


Edit your compuser.json to include the following

   "require": {
      "olendorf/ezid-php": ">=0.0.0"


Copy and rename src/ezid/ezid.json.example to src/ezid/ezid.json. Then edit it to reflect your credentials and shoulders. If upi do not wish to use the config file just delete it (or don't copy and rename in the first place). You can always override the values as you wish.


This package uses the Guzzle package to handle HTTP requests and is really just a wrapper for that. All methods that interact with the EZID API (i.e. that make an HTTP request) return a Guzzle response. For more information about Guzzle visit

Creating The Connection

 * Using ezid.json configuration
$client = new ezid\Connection();

 * Overriding or not using ezid.json
$config = array(
                 "doi_shoulder"=>"doi:10.5072/FK2",  # optional and make sure you use the right shoulder. 
                 "ark_shoulder"=>""ark:/99999/fk4"   # same as above
$client = new ezid\Connection($config);

Creating And Minting Identifiers

 // Getting Server Status
 $response = $this->status();
 echo $response->getBody()->getContents(); // success: EZID is up
 // Creating an identifier
 $meta = [
            "creator" => 'Random Citizen',
            'title' => 'Random Thoughts',
            'publisher' => 'Random Houses',
            'publicationyear' => '2015',
            'resourcetype' => 'Text'
 $identifier = $client->doi_shoulder.uniqid(); // Just using uniqid() to generate a  unique string.
 $response = $client->create($identifier, $meta);
 echo $response->GetStatusCode();  // 201
 // Minting an identifier
 $response = $client->mint('doi', $meta);  //uses the shoulder specified in config or on creation of the client.
 echo $response->GetStatusCode();  // 201

Retrieving Metadata

 $response = $client->get_identifier_metadata($identifier);  // will get the meta sent in create()
 echo (string)$response->getBody();  // Key value pair formatted string with metadata
      // datacite.creator: Random Citizen
      // datacite.title : Random Thoughts
      // ...
 // You can extract this using parse_response_metadata()
 $meta_array = $client->parse_response_metadata((string)$response->getBody()); // Guzzle returns a stream, cast it to a string
    // (
    //    [datacite.creator] => 'Random Citizen',
    //    [datacite.title] => 'Random Thoughts',
    //    ...
    //  )

Modifying The Metadata

 $new_meta = [
            "creator" => 'Anonymous Resident',
            'resourcetype' => ''
 $response = $client->modify_identifier_metadata($identifier, $new_meta);
 echo $response->GetStatusCode()  // 200

Deleting An Identifier

This will only work if the status of the identifier is reserved.

 $response = $client->delete_identifier($identifier);
 echo $response->GetStatusCode()  // 200

Running The Tests

I used PHPSpec for testing, mostly to try it out. One issue I ran into was the difficulty in testing an external API. Rather than mocking out a web server, I just used the actual EZID service, couples with the testing shoulders they provide. If you want to run the tests, you will need to have an active EZID account, and use your credentials in the ezid.json. Also, in some cases tests may fail if the EZID service is having issues. In the future I may take the time to mock it out correctly.


Contributions are welcome. Either submit an issue, or fork the repo and then submit a Pull request.


PHP Library for interacting with the EZID API




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