A jQuery library for formatting and validating form fields, based on Stripe's jQuery.payment library.
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Bringing romance back .... to forms

No Longer Maintained

Sadly, I do not have any time to continue maintaining and supporting this project. If you'd like to continue you working on the project, please fork it. You can find the next release I was working on a while back on the revamp branch - some tests were failing that need to be fixed before it is ready for prime time. https://github.com/omarshammas/jquery.formance/tree/revamp

Best of luck. Omar

What is Formance?

Formance.js is a jQuery library for formatting and validating form fields, based on / inspired by Stripe's jQuery.payment library.

Client side validation is not sufficient in any project because the javascript can be bypassed and people can submit requests directly to the server. However, that doesn't mean client side validation should be forgotten. This library is for those who care about the user experience.


You can find a full demo [here] (http://omarshammas.github.io/formancejs).

Or you can run the demo locally

git clone git@github.com:omarshammas/jquery.formance.git
cd jquery.formance/demo
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Open a browser and go to localhost:8000/formancejs.html.

Getting Started

Read this wiki article on how to get started



Please see the Formance Wiki for more information.


Contributions are more than welcome. Please read this to see how to contribute your own field. Together we can make this a solid library, and hopefully a friendlier web.


Please see LICENSE for licensing details.


Omar Shammas, @omarshammas, http://omarshammas.com and many other wonderful contributors.