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Suds library for Robot Framework


SudsLibrary is a library for functional testing of SOAP-based web services. SudsLibrary is based on Suds, a dynamic SOAP 1.1 client.

See the Keyword Documentation for more information about using the library.


You can install SudsLibrary using pip, with the following command

pip install robotframework-sudslibrary

Binary installers are available on PyPI, but they do not include Suds, a required package.

Getting Help

The user group for Robot Framework is the best place to get help. Consider including in the post:

  • Publicly accessible URL to the WSDL or an attachment containing the WSDL
  • Log file as attachment or an excerpt of it

Installation Using a Fork of Suds

Development on the Suds project has appeared to cease. There are more than one forks of Suds that you may want to use. SudsLibrary was only tested with suds-jurko and the official suds package. Here are three ways to setup for using a fork:

  1. If the fork is in PyPI:
    Set the environmental variable SUDS_LIBRARY_SUDS_REQUIREMENT to a valid requirement string, such as "suds-somefork > 0.5". When SudsLibrary is installed, the fork will be installed from PyPi to satisfy the requirement.
  2. If the fork is not in PyPI or you have already installed it:
    Install the fork prior to SudsLibrary. Then set the environmental variable SUDS_LIBRARY_SUDS_REQUIREMENT to a space and install SudsLibrary. This essentially removes the installation dependency on Suds.
  3. Uninstall suds after installing SudsLibrary. Then install a fork.

Jython Support

Suds and SudsLibrary do work under Jython. Suds will not install under Jython, however. You can extract the contents of the source tarball and put that folder in JYTHONPATH (suds-0.4) or you can use the installation of Suds performed by CPython. SudsLibrary will install under Jython only if you bypass the requirement on Suds as mentioned in the Installation Using a Fork of Suds. If you need to test services served over HTTPS in Jython and the certificates are not valid, you will have some extra work to do since Java always validates certificates. See these posts on getting Java to trust all certificates:

  1. http://tech.pedersen-live.com/2010/10/trusting-all-certificates-in-jython/
  2. http://jython.xhaus.com/installing-an-all-trusting-security-provider-on-java-and-jython/

IronPython Support

Support under IronPython is unkown -- it has not been tested.