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Open Microscopy Environment

Software and data format standards for management of microscopy image data. Joint project between international private and public research

Pinned repositories

  1. OME (Open Microscopy Environment) develops open-source software and data format standards for the storage and manipulation of biological light microscopy data. A joint project between universities,…

    Java 149 96

  2. Bio-Formats is a Java library for reading and writing data in life sciences image file formats. It is developed by the Open Microscopy Environment. Bio-Formats is released under the GNU General Pub…

    Java 256 205

  3. Examples of usage of the Bio-Formats API

    Java 9 17

  4. Examples playbooks for installing OMERO with Ansible and Docker

    5 11

  5. Gradle project containing insight java client for OMERO

    Java 4 11

  6. An OMERO.web app for creating Figures from images in OMERO

    JavaScript 13 24