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A web-application for phrase-structure annotation in general, and UCCA annotation in particular

UCCAApp is an open-source, flexible web-application for syntactic and semantic phrase-based annotation in general, and for UCCA annotation in particular. UCCAApp supports a variety of formal properties that have proven useful for syntactic and semantic representation, such as discontiguous phrases, multiple parents and empty elements, making it useful to a variety of other annotation schemes with similar formal properties. UCCAApp’s user interface is intuitive and simple, so as to support annotation by users with no background in linguistics or formal representation. Indeed, a pilot version of the application has been successfully used in the compilation of the UCCA Wikipedia treebank by annotators with no previous linguistic training.

UCCA (Universal Conceptual Cognitive Annotation) is a cross-linguistically applicable semantic representation scheme, building on the Basic Linguistic Theory typological framework and Cognitive Linguistics literature. It was developed in the Hebrew University by Omri Abend and Ari Rappoport and has demonstrated applicability to multiple languages, including English, French, German and Czech, support for rapid annotation, accessibility to non-expert annotators and stability under translation. The scheme has recently proven useful for machine translation evaluation.

  • A live demo for the current version can be found here.
  • All of UCCA's resources, including annotated corpora and software packages, are freely available here.
  • A legacy, pilot version of the application can be found here. Sign in with user: guest and password tseug.


For installation instructions, please read the installation guide .

Important note: UCCA-App is only supported on the Chrome browser.


A web-application for phrase-structure annotation in general, and UCCA annotation in particular




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