A reactive Angular 2 application built with ngrx store
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Reactive RESTful Angular 2 application with ngrx store

A RESTful master-detail application built using Angular 2 and ngrx store.


  • You must have node v >= 4.0 and npm installed (via brew install node or NodeJS.org);
  • npm i -g typings webpack-dev-server webpack rimraf json-server
  • If you have already installed typings, make sure to update it to 1.x

Getting Started

There are two main parts to this application. The first is the server which we are using json-server to simulate a REST api. The second part is the Angular 2 application which we will use webpack-dev-server to display.

To get started, run the commands below.

$ git clone https://github.com/onehungrymind/fem-ng2-ngrx-app.git
$ cd fem-ng2-ngrx-app
$ npm install
$ typings install
$ npm start

Then navigate to http://localhost:3001 in your browser.