Repository of OneOps related slide decks and other training material.
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OneOps Training

Slide decks for OneOps training classes, presentations and videos.


You can use the GitHub pages hosted version of the slides available at or you can clone the repo locally and present from your computer.

Run the directory of this repo via a webserver to use the slides e.g. with


and check [http://localhost:9000] for everything. The script will try multiple technologies installed to run the local webserver (Python 2 and 3, Ruby, Busybox).

Optionally you can pass in an alternative port. This is useful to avoid port conflicts with other servers running e.g. from another slide deck repo using the same script.

./ 9999

You can also run it on any other webserver and hence host it together with a website.

Tested and suggested browser/screen size for remote training or video recording is 720p (1280 x 720 px). If necessary due available monitor you can also use 1280 x 800 (e.g. on a laptop screen). Larger screens might be okay for training but decrease the readability and should definitely NOT be used for video creation.


All content is ideally kept in markdown files in the includes folder with the following conventions:

  • new vertical section/module is started with three empty lines before title
  • new sections slide titles are marked up with normal level one title # Title
  • other slide is started with two empty lines before title
  • other slide titles are marked up with level two title ## Title
  • speaker notes follow after Note:

You can include one or more markdown files in the main html page for each slideshow in the project root folder.


Due to the target screen resolution of 720p and the space allocated for header and footer, images should be using a max width of 1000 px and/or a max height of 500px.

More Information:

  • example.html for options to write content with HTML, embedded markdown and external markdown from include folder
  • reveal.js documentation for info on writing and other details
  • keyboard shorts for presenting
  • theme guide if you want to change the CSS