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A simple open source theme for publishing with hugo
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Swift Theme

This theme is designed for blogging purposes. That said, it's extendable for other use cases.

Hugo Swift Theme



Add this theme as a Git submodule inside your Hugo site folder:

$ git submodule add themes/hugo-swift-theme

Theme hugo sass and hugo-extended version.


You can configure the site using as follows:

  1. General Information and Staticman config

    Use the file config.toml.

  2. menu, footer

    See the data files inside the data/ directory.

Follow the exampleSite/.

This theme is designed to work with data files. Feel free to extend/alter as you would like.

Staticman Comments

By default, Staticman comments are disabled. If you would like to enable them,

  1. Invite Staticman to your repo to collaborate.

    • GitHub: View the issue eduardoboucas/staticman#243 for procedures to set up Staticman v3.
    • GitLab: Add the GitLab user associated with your Staticman API endpoint (e.g. @staticmanlab) as a "developer" for your project by going to Settings → Members → Invite member.
  2. Uncomment the [Params.staticman] section and input the parameters inside config.toml like so

      endpoint = "https://"
      gitProvider = "github"
      username = "your-username"
      repository = "hugo-swift-theme"
      branch = "master"

    In case of empty endpoint, it will fallback to the official production instance.

  3. Proceed to setup staticman.yml. Note that this YML file has to be at the root of your Git repository. See the exampleSite/ and the Staticman docs for detailed information of each parameter used in this YML file.

    The parameter moderation is for comment moderation, and it defaults to false. If it is switched to true, then Staticman will create a pull/merge request instead of directly committing against the branch.

    If you are working on GitLab and you have set moderation: false, depending on your branch, you might need the following steps.

    • protected branch (e.g. master): Go to Settings → Repository → Protected Branches and permit the GitLab bot to push against that branch.
    • unprotected branch (GitHub's default): no measures needed

Optional: It is suggested to enable reCAPTCHA to avoid massive spam comments. You may refer to _config.yml for detailed instructions.

ℹ️ This Binary Mist article could also be quite helpful :)

ℹ️ By default, this theme uses the official production instance at v3 instead of v2 due to a requests' quota issue reported in issue eduardoboucas/staticman#222.

⚠️ Since Staticman is an evolving project, things might work differently than they do at the moment of this writing.


For all content published using markdown, deeplinks will be added to the pages so that you can share with precision 😃 Just hover on a heading and the link button will pop. Click it to copy.


The code is available under the MIT license.

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