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A simple, minimalistic Hugo theme. View Demo here
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Newsroom Theme

This a simple, minimalistic theme, which is inspired by Apple's Newsroom page. You won't find a single reference of monolithic libraries such as jquery, bootstrap, bulma.

All the templates herein use grid css, flexbox & vanilla js. You may,however, proceed and tweak everything as you wish.

Hugo Newsroom Theme


  • Blog
  • Modern
  • Responsive
  • Deeplinks
  • Dark Mode
  • Syntax highlighting


For all content published using markdown, deeplinks will be added to the pages so that you can share with precision 😃 Just hover on a heading and the link button will pop. Click it to copy.


Add this theme as a Git submodule inside your Hugo site folder:

git submodule add themes/newsroom

Theme hugo sass and hugo-extended version.


You can configure the site using as follows:

  1. General Information

    Use the file config.toml.

  2. menu, footer

    See the data files inside the data/ directory.

Start publishing

Follow the exampleSite/; specifically, the content directory

Dark Mode

Today most operating systems & browsers support dark mode. Like twitter, which automatically turns into dark mode when the user chooses darkmode, this theme does the same thing.

If the user wants to opt in or out of darkmode, there's a UI control for that too in the menu 😊.

Dark Mode

Custom 404 Page

Normal Mode Dark Mode
404 page 404 page on dark Mode

Syntax highlighting

Normal Mode Dark Mode
404 page 404 page on dark Mode

Depending on your fancy, you can opt to use Chroma.

I want to use disqus

Some folks may want to use disqus on their site. In fact, there was an issue for that express purpose.

To enable disqus on your site, simply, add the line below to you config.toml file. If you're working off the exampleSite, the line is already there; just uncomment it.

disqusShortname = "yourdiscussshortname"

remember to edit the yourdiscussshortname appropriately.

From your disqus dashboard, set your scripts color scheme to auto. See screenshot below

From the same creator

Swift Theme


This theme is available under the MIT license.

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