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MVU for Kotlin Multiplatform
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Oolong is an Elm inspired Model-View-Update (MVU) implementation for Kotiln multiplatform. As the name implies, three core concepts comprise the foundation of this architecture:

  • Model - a type to represent the program state

  • View - a function to map the state to view properties

  • Update - a function to update the state

By applying this simple pattern you can create composable, testable programs that can run on any platform. Oolong enables a common codebase for all platforms by using a Render function which is implemented by each frontend.

Get started with Oolong by reading the official guide.


The following is a simple counter example in which the count can be incremented or decremented.

object Counter {

    data class Model(
        val count: Int = 0

    sealed class Msg {
        object Increment : Msg()
        object Decrement : Msg()

    class Props(
        val count: Int,
        val increment: () -> Msg,
        val decrement: () -> Msg

    val init: Init<Model, Msg> = { 
        Model() to none()

    val update: Update<Model, Msg> = { msg, model ->
        when (msg) {
            Msg.Increment -> model.copy(count = model.count + 1)
            Msg.Decrement -> model.copy(count = model.count - 1)
        } to none()

    val view: View<Model, Props> = { model ->
            { Msg.Increment },
            { Msg.Decrement }



More examples can be found in the samples directory.


Further reading can be found in the official guide and documentation.


dependencies {
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