OONI Probe network measurement tool for detecting internet censorship
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OONI Probe

Android, iOS, Desktop, CLI

OONI Probe is free and open source software designed to measure internet censorship and other forms of network interference.

Every month, thousands of networks are measured by OONI Probe users in more than 200 countries. Since 2012, millions of network measurements have been published from around the world.

OONI Probe is available for the following platforms:

All OONI Probe tests are implemented in Measurement Kit, the network measurement engine that powers the OONI Probe apps.

OONI Probe tests the lists of websites included in the citizenlab/test-lists repository.

OONI Probe used to be written in python. The legacy python version of OONI Probe is available here: probe-legacy.

To learn more about OONI, check out our website: https://ooni.io/