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A modern OpenGL text rendering library for OpenTK.

Forked from swax/QuickFont library. Original Library QFont

You can install this library via nuget.

Supported Platforms

QuickFont has been tested and runs on Windows, Linux and OSX.

The minimum supported OpenGL version is 3.0

Note the example project will need to be changed to build correctly on OSX, since by default Apple returns an OpenGL 2.1 context if a specific version is not specified.

Simply replace the Game.cs constructor with:

public Game()
	: base(800, 600, GraphicsMode.Default, "QuickFont Example", GameWindowFlags.Default, DisplayDevice.Default, 3, 2, GraphicsContextFlags.Default)

This will select an OpenGL version >= 3.2 (usually 4.1).


Latest Release - Version 4.5

  • Update to OpenTK 3.1
  • Add FAKE build script
  • Support loading FreeType fonts from memory

Previous Releases:

Version 4.4

  • Updated to OpenTK 2.0 and SharpFont 4.0.1
  • Added fallback to builtin kerning if font file does not have any
  • Switch to using paket for dependency management rather than nuget
  • Added OSX and Linux continuous integration through travis-ci
  • Added a custom view-model-matrix to QFontDrawingPrimitive which allows for some fun effects - see Example
  • Improved inbuilt documentation

Version 4.3

  • Kerning information is now loaded from FreeType if FreeTypeFont is used
  • Improved built in kerning method to account for pixels on glyph boundary
  • Fixes to example project
  • Improved overall code quality
    • Renamed variables to a consistent naming scheme
    • Added XML documentation to all public facing classes, methods, fields, properties, etc.
    • Added lots of XML documentation to internal/private classes, methods, fields, properties etc
  • Fixed QFontDrawing not implementing IDisposable
  • Improved disposing in QVertexArrayObject

Version 4.2

  • Switched to using a shared package to build QuickFont
  • Added an OpenGL ES 2.0 nuget package

Version 4.1

  • Updated font loading mechanism to use SharpFont for loading fonts by path, and use the regular GDIFont mechanism for loading installed (system) fonts
  • Updated example project to show some different installed system fonts

Version 4.0

  • Now uses SharpFont for loading the font files, so custom (non-installed) fonts are now supported on Linux and OSX
  • Added Nuget package
  • Added support for OpenGL ES (requires conditional compilation) thanks to vescon
  • Improved Shader loading
  • Cross-platform support (tested on Windows 10, Ubuntu 15.10, OSX 10.11,10.10)
  • Unicode support
  • Example is working again
  • Updated to latest OpenTK nuget package (OpenTK.Next)


  • Maybe extract all Print methods in a static class to leave QFontDrawingPrimitive more basic.
  • Right to Left text flow support (arabic, hebrew)
  • Unicode zero spacing eg. combining character support
  • On-the-fly character addition (If a character can not be found, add it, regenerate the font)



In some OnLoad() method create your QFont and your QFontDrawing

_myFont = new QFont("Fonts/HappySans.ttf", 72, new QFontBuilderConfiguration(true));
_myFont2 = new QFont("basics.qfont", new QFontBuilderConfiguration(true));
_drawing = new QFontDrawing();

Call some print methods or create Drawing primitives by themselves. Add them to the drawing.

_drawing.Print(_myFont, "text1", pos, FontAlignment.Left);

// draw with options
var textOpts = new QFontRenderOptions()
	Colour = Color.FromArgb(new Color4(0.8f, 0.1f, 0.1f, 1.0f).ToArgb()),
	DropShadowActive = true
SizeF size = _drawing.Print(_myFont, "text2", pos2, FontAlignment.Left, textOpts);

var dp = new QFontDrawingPrimitive(_myFont2);
size = dp.Print(text, new Vector3(bounds.X, Height - yOffset, 0), new SizeF(maxWidth, float.MaxValue), alignment);

// after all changes do update buffer data and extend it's size if needed.

Then in your draw loop do:

_drawing.ProjectionMatrix = proj;

At the end of the program dispose the QuickFont resources:

protected virtual void Dispose(bool disposing)

See the included example project for more!


The following is a non-exhaustive list of people who have contributed to QuickFont:

James Lohr - Creator of the original library (

John (swax) Marshall - Added vertex buffer support

Patrick (opcon) Yates - Current maintainer

Robertofon - Refactored monolithic QFont class

Martinay - OpenGL ES 2.0 support

Jan Polak



Licensed under MIT, please see the file License.txt in the project root directory