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Budget Party

Problem Statement:

How might we get broad citizen input on the city budgeting process and move the City towards the model of participatory budgeting (PB)?

Original Project Proposal

What are we working on now?:

We're currently working to modify and extend the orignial budget party app to develop a Digital Mock City Council experience. Read more about our Partnership with Austin Monitor and the Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund grant we were awarded. ( February 12, 2017

We will want to interate on our progres and include more features. Check out the Issues to see what we're thinking about next and feel free to jump in with your own suggestions or contributions.


This project has recieved contributions from some wonderful volunteers.

Current Project Leads | Contact for any questions

Previous Contributors


Here is a link to our design assets and documentation. Here are open issues labeled "Design" where you can discuss, provide feedback or volunteer to help.


Getting started

Once you have cloned this repo to you local machine, open the app directory in your Terminal.

cd app


  1. npm install


  1. npm start
  2. visit in your browser


  1. npm run build