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  1. This is the default web application built on top of the Apache Fineract platform. The Mifos X Web App (formerly called Community App) is maintained by the Mifos Initiative as a reference solution f…

    HTML 292 991

  2. An android client for the MifosX platform

    Java 184 519

  3. Repository for the Mifos Mobile Banking App for clients

    Kotlin 210 567

  4. A reference implementation of Mifos platform wallet and payment capabilities

    Java 174 363

  5. web-app Public

    Mifos X Web App is the revamped version of the Mifos X Community App built on top of the Fineract Platform leveraging the popular Angular framework.

    TypeScript 152 413

  6. payment-hub-ee Public template

    Payment Hub Enterprise Edition gateway for integration to real-time payment systems. Source code at

    3 3


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