openSUSE branding for the distribution - both branding-openSUSE and branding-baseonopensuse
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This repo is left intentionally blank in master branch.

If you want to work on branding for a new distribution, please
create a branch based on master and copy the artwork you want to 
base your work on into and then push it as new branch to github.

Do not rebase the history - the repository becomes too large otherwise
and we need to be able to deleted old branches at times.

Working with branding repo in GitHub

On github world : origin link to your forked repository, and we
standarized the name of the original to upstream by convention.

First, create a fork of openSUSE branding repo, here you have a guide: 

Then clone your fork in your PC:

  git clone$YOUR_GITHUB_ACCOUNT/branding.git

and add the original repository as remote:

  cd branding
  git remote add upstream

Fetch the original content and checkout/merge the branch you want to work on:

  git fetch upstream
  git checkout -b 12.3
  git merge upstream 12.3

Now you can work with your local branch as you already know.

To commit your changes to your fork, do:

   git commit -a -m "A useful description (eventually bnc#NR) describing what change"
      (use -a if all the changes are relatives to the same commit)
   git push 
	will update your repository fork.

Then you can create a pull request (here you have a guide:

If you want to sync with upstream changes, do a:
 git fetch upstream
 git merge upstream 12.3

 (this action is manually what git pull will do if setup)