Graphical boot screen for GRUB, LILO, and SYSLINUX
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About gfxboot

gfxboot is a graphical boot screen for syslinux (up to version 4) and grub1.


  • editable boot options
  • a menu system
  • context sensitive help texts (in html) shown in separate windows
  • support for different keyboard layouts
  • i18n support (localization via po files, Unicode char rendering via freetype lib)
  • text-to-speech support via pc-speaker
  • can run animations and play wav files
  • works via serial line (with text-based menus)


Get the latest version from the openSUSE Build Service.


It is used by openSUSE Tumbleweed. The boot screen looks like this:

openSUSE Tumbleweed boot screen

A more minimalistic example included in the git repository:

example boot screen

openSUSE Development

To build, simply run make. Install with make install.

Basically every new commit into the master branch of the repository will be auto-submitted to all current SUSE products. No further action is needed except accepting the pull request.

Submissions are managed by a SUSE internal jenkins node in the InstallTools tab.

Each time a new commit is integrated into the master branch of the repository, a new submit request is created to the openSUSE Build Service. The devel project is system:install:head.

*.changes and version numbers are auto-generated from git commits, you don't have to worry about this.

The spec file is maintained in the Build Service only. If you need to change it for the master branch, submit to the devel project in the build service directly.

Development happens exclusively in the master branch. The branch is used for all current products.

You can find more information about the changes auto-generation and the tools used for jenkis submissions in the linuxrc-devtools documentation.