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Annotator v1.2.10

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@tilgovi tilgovi released this 26 Feb 03:47
· 807 commits to master since this release

This is Annotator v1.2.10, a maintenance release which is intended to be the one of the last in the v1.2.x series.


  • Annotator highlights now have a data-annotation-id attribute with the id of the corresponding annotation.
  • The Document plugin now captures rel=shortlink values. (See #470)


  • When highlights overlap and the user moves between them the viewer now updates accordingly. (See #222)
  • The Document plugin no longer treats rel=alternate as an equivalent document if the hreflang attribute suggests that it is in a different language. (See #355, #356)
  • When an annotation had its permissions modified this changed the default permissions for new annotations. That is no longer the case.
  • Fix an issue parsing large z-index values.
  • Fix an issue with the destroy method when called via the jQuery interface: $(el).annotator('destroy').
  • Fix an issue that prevented creation of overlapping highlights in certain circumstances. (See #466)
  • Updated translation files.