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I'm using the ActionBar pattern in my app and i want the AB to be included in the Flipping animation (so the whole screen is part of the page) but i can't include the AB in the FlipViewController layout. I can imagine that is could be possibe to create snapshots of the whole screen even when the FlipViewController is only a part of the screen so the AB would also be flipping. (is it?) but when the user reaches the last page and the page bouces back, the AB must not be visible behind the last page. So i need to hide the AB at runtime at the moment the last page is being flipped/bounced. Is it possible to listen for such an event? Or is there a better way?


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FlipViewController view provides some important information for the animation: the dimension and the screenshot. Since the dimension is controlled by layout managers on Android, FlipViewController is designed as a special container to take actions during the rendering process of layout managers.

It would be tricky to provide APIs for including outside content in the animation. My suggestion is to use it inside the controller, and reuse it in your adapter implementation.

  • Yes, an event listener mechanism is missing. We will add it soon. Thanks for the advice.
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sahib20 commented Dec 24, 2014

please tell where to call web service when we flip page. an one more thing is can we use listview in flipview or can we show multiple data in single view and when we flip it load new data. please help me i am stuck of this to call web service when flip page..........................

please anyone can tell me how we setCurrentItem of FlipViewController class????

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