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pstrinkle and gtmills anti-patterns: use cli11 instead of custom parser
Many OpenBMC applications have a custom ArgumentParser object to provide
a modern argument parsing interface.  These are nearly identical between
daemons.  The CLI11 library provides a modern argument parsing interface
with advanced validation.

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OpenBMC documentation

This repository contains documentation for OpenBMC as a whole. There may be component-specific documentation in the repository for each component.

The features document lists the project's major features with links to more information.

OpenBMC Usage

These documents describe how to use OpenBMC, including using the programmatic interfaces to an OpenBMC system.

OpenBMC Development

These documents contain details on developing OpenBMC code itself

OpenBMC Goals

The OpenBMC project's aim is to create a highly extensible framework for BMC software and implement for data-center computer systems.

We have a few high-level objectives:

  • The OpenBMC framework must be extensible, easy to learn, and usable in a variety of programming languages.

  • Provide a REST API for external management, and allow for "pluggable" interfaces for other types of management interactions.

  • Provide a remote host console, accessible over the network

  • Persist network configuration settable from REST interface and host

  • Provide a robust solution for RTC management, exposed to the host.

  • Compatible with host firmware implementations for basic IPMI communication between host and BMC

  • Provide a flexible and hierarchical inventory tracking component

  • Maintain a sensor database and track thresholds

Technical Steering Committee

  • Brad Bishop (chair), IBM
  • Nancy Yuen, Google
  • Sai Dasari, Facebook
  • James Mihm, Intel
  • Ali Larijani, Microsoft
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