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Producing and Reproducing Results


  1. opencpu opencpu Public

    OpenCPU system for embedded scientific computation and reproducible research

    R 705 117

  2. opencpu-server opencpu-server Public

    Installation packages (deb, rpm, docker) for OpenCPU cloud server

    Dockerfile 72 43

  3. archive archive Public

    Binary builds of OpenCPU server

    Shell 1 2

  4. opencpu.js opencpu.js Public

    Javascript client library for OpenCPU

    JavaScript 55 44

  5. client client Public

    R client for OpenCPU 2.0, currently mostly for unit testing

    R 2 3

  6. server-manual server-manual Public

    OpenCPU PDF server manual. Being converted to markdown...

    HTML 3 2


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