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Community-driven cryptoassets reference dataset
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OpenCrypto Data

Community-driven cryptoassets reference dataset. Our goal is to put together all basic reference informations about blockchains (ledger), crypto-assets (asset), networks, clients (wallets) and exchanges.

Homepage | Data Explorer | Schema


  • 👥 Open & Transparent - Everybody can review changes in Commit history, introduce new edits through Pull Request or submit a new Issue or help with some existing one.
  • 📖 Structured - Whole database is defined in JSON Schema standard (schema). See Structure section below.
  • 🔗 Consistent - Each change is tested agains schema (typed), so its not possible to release corrupted data or properties. Changes to schema occurs rare and will be backward compatible.
  • 🌱 Platform-agnostic - Database source is just plain-text YAML files and because of that it isn't dependent on any database software, platform or specific environment. You can just use jq to browse it.
  • 🔋 Compact & Embeddable - Automated builds produce a single-file version of full database (data.json), which can be easily downloaded/updated/used in any environment (base64 encoded icons and logos included!). See Builds section for more information.
  • Up-to-date - Updates are pushed regularly, Pull Requests are resolved as soon as possible. Automated checks helps to detect outdated links and identify other issues.
  • 🎁 Forever free! - Data is licensed under ODC Open Database License (ODbL).


All included models in this dataset are specified by JSON Schema vocabulary in separate repository opencrypto-io/schema Continue to for inspect/explore schema and related informations.

There is basic structure of the database:

  • Projects
    • Ledgers
      • Networks
    • Assets
    • Clients
    • Exchanges
      • Markets


Language Library Status Mantainer
JavaScript opencrypto-data-js (official) Working
Python (official) 🚧 In construction
PHP opencrypto-data-php 🚧 In construction


Latest production bundle is available on this address:

List of all available builds is available on page



ODC Open Database License (ODbL)

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