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A lightweight JavaScript library for number, money and currency formatting - fully localisable, zero dependencies.
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Updated toFixed method to handle all floating point errors.

Fixes #163, #159, #145, #111, #99, #97, #84, #53
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accounting.js is a tiny JavaScript library for number, money and currency parsing/formatting. It's lightweight, fully localisable, has no dependencies, and works great client-side or server-side. Use standalone or as a nodeJS/npm and AMD/requireJS module.

Visit the plugin homepage for demos and documentation:

Please checkout or download the latest stable tag before using in production. Bug reports and pull requests are welcome.

Maintained by Open Exchange Rates and originally by @josscrowcroft and other contributors.

Works great with:

  • money.js - a tiny (1kb) standalone JavaScript currency conversion library, for web & nodeJS
  • Open Exchange Rates - the free currency conversion data API


v0.4.2 - Added bower.json

v0.4.1 - Alias accounting.formatNumber() as accounting.format()

v0.4 - Transferred repository to Open Exchange Rates for ongoing maintenance

v0.3.2 - Fixed package.json dependencies (should be empty object)


  • Rewrote library structure similar to underscore.js for use as a nodeJS/npm and AMD module. Use npm install accounting and then var accounting = require("accounting"); in your nodeJS scripts.
  • Also works with requireJS or any AMD module loader.
  • unformat now only attempts to parse the number if it's not already a valid number.
  • acounting.unformat now also aliased as acounting.parse
  • Fixed an IE bug in the defaults method

v0.2.2 - Fixed same issue as #Num: #24 in formatNumber; switch to Google Closure Compiler for minified version.

v0.2.1 - Fixed issue #Num: #24 (locally-defined settings object was being modified by formatMoney)


  • Rewrote formatting system for formatMoney and formatColumn for better control of string output
  • Now supports separate formats for negative and zero values (optionally) via accounting.settings.currency.format
  • Internal improvements and helper methods


  • formatMoney recursively formats arrays
  • Added Jasmine test suite (thanks to millermedeiros) and QUnit functionality/speed tests


  • Added configurable settings object for default formatting parameters.
  • Added format parameter to control symbol and value position (default "%s%v", or [symbol][value])
  • Methods consistently accept object as 2nd parameter, matching/overriding the library defaults


  • formatColumn works recursively on nested arrays (e.g. accounting.formatColumn( [[1,12,123,1234], [1234,123,12,1]] ), returns matching array with inner columns lined up)
  • Fix rounding in formatNumber


  • Added toFixed method (accounting.toFixed(value, precision)), which treats floats more like decimals for more accurate currency rounding
  • Minified version preserves semicolons
  • Fixed NaN errors when no value in unformat

v0.1 - First version

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