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Archived CityGML 3.0 Development Repo

This is the archive of the original repository for OGC CityGML 3.0 development between 2014 and 2018. The active repositories as of Summer 2018 are CityGML-3.0CM (Conceptual Model) and CityGML-3.0Encodings CityGML-3.0Encodings.

In order to increase the usability of CityGML for more user groups and areas of application, the OGC CityGML SWG and the Special Interest Group 3D (SIG 3D) of the initiative Geodata Infrastructure Germany (GDI-DE) work since 2014 on the further development of CityGML which will result in the next major version CityGML 3.0. The CityGML 3.0 standard will consist of at least two parts:

  1. the CityGML 3.0 Conceptual Model specification, which is to be released at the end of 2018, and
  2. the CityGML 3.0 GML Encoding specification, which is to be published early 2019. Further encoding specifications (e.g. relational database schema, JSON-based representation) may follow in the future.


This repository provides the following resources:

  • Folder "Conceptual Model": Contains the CityGML 3.0 conceptual model which was created using the software Enterprise Architect.
  • Folder "Encoding": Contains the XML Schema files of the CityGML 3.0 conceptual model which were derived automatically from the UML model using the software ShapeChange
  • Folder "Test data": Contains test data sets.

Please be aware that the resources provided here are development versions and, thus, minor changes are still possible. The resources provided here do not represent the final version of CityGML 3.0.


CityGML 3.0 Development




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