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GetHelpLex Build Status Stories in Ready

I want to help develop Finda

Great! Quick setup:

npm install
npm install -g http-server
npm start

Visit localhost:8080 to see the app.

A bit more background:

The project is based on Code for Boston's finda project. In Lexington we've customized it for our needs:

  • The facilities are read from a Google spreadsheet using the Tabletop.js library. This way our stakeholders have realtime ability to update facilities.
  • We hacked the facet handling to guide the user through a 'survey'. It narrows down the facilities based on type of treatment, the insurance they accept, etc.

Let's say you want to new information about facilities like "do they let you smoke." You would want to add a column to the facilities spreadsheet called smoking_permited (or similar):

  • make a copy of the existing spreadsheet
  • copy paste the new spreadsheet's key to the Tabletop.js init
  • then you'll update config.json [todo, flesh this step out more :)]

A lot of Code for Boston's development documentation is still relevant. Let us know if you hit any key differences for Lexington and we'll update this readme!

Look in the waffle board for priority issues.

How to Test

You can run tests once by running: npm test

Keep test server running to speed up tests. Start test server:

npm run test-server

Kick off a test run when the test server is running:

npm run test-client

Analytics and feedback

GetHelpLex uses Google Tag Manager to manage Google Analytics as described in the Unified Analytics repository.

GetHelpLex posts feedback to a Google Spreadsheet as described here. As a backup, feedback is tracked using the ga-feedback approach managed by Google Tag Manager as described here.

Feedback is emailed to addresses defined in the script attached to the feedback spreadsheet.

To make changes to the script that handles feedback requests:

  • edit in the Appscript editor
  • Publish > Deploy as webapp > Version: new

Add map coordinates for new facilities

Geocode facilites


Substance use treatment locator for Lexington, KY







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