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Open Messaging Initiative

We are an open governance structure for the express purpose of creating open industry standards around messaging、streaming、eventing formats and runtimes.


  1. dledger Public

    A raft-based java library for building high-available, high-durable, strong-consistent commitlog.

    Java 602 247

  2. openconnect Public

    OpenConnect proposes a specification for messaging, eventing and streaming connect scenario which provides various sources and sinks.

    Java 37 27

  3. openchaos Public

    Chaos Framework proposes a unified API for vendors to provide solutions to various aspects of performing the principles of chaos engineering in cloud-native environment.

    Java 118 37

  4. OpenMessaging Specification

    273 51

  5. openschema Public

    OpenSchema proposes a specification for data schema when exchanging the message and event in cloud-native applications.

    14 7

  6. benchmark Public

    OpenMessaging Benchmark Framework

    Java 259 156