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What is OpenPilot all about?

The project aims at implementing the best features of all existing similar systems developed by
enthusiasts and combines them into a single, easy-to-use software/hardware package. The ease-of-use
in this case does not imply functional simplicity or compromises. There are no rigidly defined
constraints and settings, but a full-fledged programming language configuration loaded via a
Ground Control Station and other advanced features. OpenPilot is developed as a powerful platform
for all types of vehicles.

This is a non-profit project of the OpenPilot Foundation

This is a project using only volunteer personnel who have donated enormous amounts of time, money
and effort. Please respect the people that are part of the project and their generosity. OpenPilot
is funded entirely at the expense of those who spend their time and money in the development of the
public project which helps it grow. Giving complete and correct references to all their work is not
only a legal requirement of the CC-BY-SA license, but also simple respect for their work. The people
who create this project, really deserve it for their very hard work.

The OpenPilot project web sites

The project provides feature-rich development and collaboration environment using advanced tools such
as GCC compilers, git, Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, FishEye, Crucible, Bamboo, Crowd, forums and blogs.

Main project web site:
Project forums:
Wiki, docs and manuals:
Bug and issue tracker:
Source code repository:
Crucible code reviews:
Project build server:
Community blogs:
Software downloads:

How to build from source?

make all_sdk_install
make all

The project supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms as well as Android.
Check the wiki for more details: