Red Hat is an end-to-end development environment for planning, building and deploying modern applications.
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Community Feedback

If you have feedback, suggestions and ideas:

irc at #openshiftio on Freenode or webchat

issues at

stackoverflow with tag openshiftio

Upstream Development

The upstream for is primarily in the fabric8 and Eclipse Che projects. fabric8 is found in the following organizations:

Building and Deploying the Marketing Pages

The following instructions will allow you to work on the IO marketing pages. The product is being developed in the cloud at and so cannot be build and deployed locally (of course you can build and deploy the upstream components in by visiting the upstream repos).

Setup Backend API

Make sure you setup the necessary connections to the backend. You can run it locally by setting these environment variables:

  • export FABRIC8_WIT_API_URL=""
  • export FABRIC8_STACK_API_URL=""

in your .bash_profile and reload the shell.

VS Code

Run ext install EditorConfig to read the .editorconfig file

To Start

Run npm start. This will start the login page UI with livereload enabled.