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The OpenSS7 Project

SS7 for the Common Man

Pinned repositories

  1. openss7 STREAMS and protocol stacks

    C 160 91

  2. Provider Backbone Bridging for Linux

    C 19 12

  3. Ken Birman's original Isis from Primtime Freeware disk from 1991

    C 2 3

  4. Forked from openvswitch/ovs

    Open vSwitch

    C 1 1

  5. Forked from nfvlabs/openmano

    Openmano is an open source project that provides a practical implementation of the reference architecture for Management & Orchestration under standardization at ETSI’s NFV ISG

    Python 3

  6. Fault-tolerant distributed framework for VNF on NFV



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