OpenStack Database as a Service (Trove) Client
brxie Add python3 compatibility for guest logs features
During working with python3-first goals, I have notticed the
log_generator and log_save methods was non compliance with python3.

This is what doesn't appears in integration tests because we execute
only trove-functional-mysql job which doesn't covers guest-log tests.

In separate change I will extend zull definition by scenario tests to
avoid similar issues in future.

Change-Id: If85dff57afe110991553d510c6af4468a6781f64
Signed-off-by: Marcin Piwowarczyk <>
Latest commit dfba415 Oct 27, 2018


Python bindings to the OpenStack Trove API

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This is a client for the OpenStack Trove API. There's a Python API (the troveclient module), and a command-line script (trove). Each implements 100% of the OpenStack Trove API.

See the Trove CLI Guide for information on how to use the trove command-line tool. You may also want to look at the OpenStack API documentation.

python-troveclient is licensed under the Apache License like the rest of OpenStack.