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NO LONGER ACTIVE, SEE WEBSITE - Open Source Health Hardware Reverse Engineering Projects

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  1. emokit Public

    Open source driver for accessing raw data from the Emotiv EPOC EEG headset

    Python 472 230

  2. libfitbit Public archive

    Library for accessing and transfering data from the Fitbit health device

    Python 421 66

  3. libomron Public archive

    Libraries for accessing data from Omron medical devices

    C 90 30

  4. libfuelband Public archive

    LIbrary for communicating with the Nike Fuelband

    Python 35 11

  5. zeo-raw-data-api Public archive

    Version 2.0 of the Zeo Raw Data API

    Python 22 15

  6. zeo-firmware Public archive

    Last copy of the Zeo firmware and SDK available from the before it shut down

    21 9


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