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Tella, A Hugo theme for Companies.

The demo can be seen here:


  • Responsive
  • Carousel
  • Google Analytics
  • Pagination
  • Syntax Highlight
  • Support categories
  • Disqus


Method 1

Inside the folder of your Hugo site run:

$ git clone themes/tella

Updating theme:

$ cd themes/tella
$ git pull

Method 2

Inside the folder of your Hugo site run:

$ git submodule add themes/tella

Updating theme:

$ git submodule update --remote --merge

Install dependencies

Copy at least the following files from themes/tella/exampleSite to the root folder of your site.

  • package.json
  • tailwind.config.js
  • postcss.config.js

After that, run this command.

$ npm install

For more information read the official setup guide of Hugo.

Getting started

After installing the theme successfully it requires a just a few more steps to get your site running.

Update config file

Copy the config.toml in the exampleSite to the root of your Hugo site. Change strings as you like.

Check your site

In order to see your site in action, run Hugo's built-in local server.

$ npm run start

Now enter localhost:1313 in the address bar of your browser.

Update the theme

Inside the folder of your Hugo site run:

$ git submodule update --remote --merge

Build your site

$ npm run build


If you find a bug or have an idea for a feature, feel free to write an issue or make a PR.


This theme is released under the MIT license.