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A WebGL framework
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Latest commit 7217b69 Jan 29, 2013 @emoller emoller Changed the CSS slightly to work better. Used pngcrush on the pngs an…
…d resaced the backdrop as a jpeg.
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py Odin demo, js and assets. For ngc11. Nov 1, 2011
shaders Cleaned up the shadowmapping and added support for percentage closer … Mar 6, 2012
CONTRIBUTORS Odin demo, js and assets. For ngc11. Nov 2, 2011
LICENSE Odin demo, js and assets. For ngc11. Nov 2, 2011
README Adding a link to the live demo. Nov 22, 2011
viewer.css Adding animation lod. Viewer GUI improvements. Pan, Zoom and Track co… Nov 28, 2011
viewer.html Added some simple touch input to the viewer. Feb 24, 2012


Odin is a demo created to showcase what you can do with WebGL and hopefully inspire people to create great content for the web.
It uses collada as a source format and aims to be able to read both COLLADA directly as well as a run-time format created from COLLADA suitable for releases.

The demo, the viewer and the COLLADA pipeline is still a work in progress.

Check out the live demo at
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