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HTML5 Video player for Icecast Playlst
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HTML5 Player from m3u playlist

Use playlist from Icecast server with audio/video HTML5 element.

Use case: Icecast setup with several relays servers; If currently used server failed, the next one is automatically used.
For setting up Icecast Relay, see

## HTML ##

Use a <video> tag and set playlist url with data-playlist attribute. Ex:

<video id="video" controls loop autoplay width="640" 

JS ##

Load m3uStreamPlayer.js file after your <video> tag

<script src="m3uStreamPlayer.js"></script>

and init script

m3uStreamPlayer.init({selector: '#video', debug: false});


  • selector : (string) Use querySelectorAll syntax
  • debug : (bool) Printed in console

NB : You can simply pass a selector string like m3uStreamPlayer.init('#video');


Working example with streaming playlist in faimaison.html file, and on

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