Playtesting explorations

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Thank you for helping us playtest lessons on Oppia! Your feedback is vital for helping exploration authors understand where students get stuck, so that the lessons can be improved over time for other students. This page explains best practices for playtesting, as well as the sort of feedback we are looking for.

What we’re curious about

We'd be interested in your feedback on a couple of things in particular:

  • Did you enjoy playing the lessons?
  • Did you complete the lessons? If not, why?
  • As a result of playing the lesson, did you gain proficiency in the subject being taught?

What to keep track of when playtesting

When you’re playing a lesson, please note the following:

  • things you particularly like
  • wrong answers or misconceptions that you think we should address
  • things that you get frustrated/stuck by
  • any suggestions you have.

Let us know if particular pieces of feedback that Oppia gives are helpful or not. If you could suggest better feedback, that would be awesome, too.

If you find, at any point, that you don’t want to continue further, that’s totally OK. Just let us know why you stopped, and what you’d change about the lesson so that other students would have a better experience.

After the playtest

Please fill in this post-survey. Also, if you have any questions, let us know, and we’d be happy to try and answer them. Thanks again for your help!

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