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AI Layer 1 for Data Economy and Oracle Services


IBC-enabled Layer 1 to verify multidimensional trustworthiness of AI and to build Web3 applications with unique AI oracle.

Docs for the network can be found at Some repositories of interest:

IBC layer 1

  • oraibridge - Multichain evm-based (included tron network) to cosmos bridge, act as Oraichain subnetwork.
  • universal-swap - Single step operation to swap tokens between evm-based chains and cosmos-based chains.

Cosmwasm ecosystem

  • orai - A cosmos-sdk based framework that supports multiversion of cosmwasm, and zkVm to scale your dApp and reduce costs on L2 without compromising on security, by facilitating zero knowledge proofs.
  • cw-simulate - An online playground / simulation environment for interacting with CosmWasm contract binaries without a blockchain. Can be used for execution visualization / interactive debugging with time-traveling navigation, and testing framework that is compatible with CosmWasm/ts-codegen output.

JS tooling

  • cwtools - A super fast and cross-platform alternative to rust-optimizer that produces optimized wasm files. Written in Typescript, supporting watch mode, parallel builds, and ts-codegen sharing common dependencies.
  • cosmwasm-studio - Monaco IDE that supports CosmWasm. It allows developers to code, build smart contracts and execute functions through a simulation. It supports its own rust-analyzer in Web Assembly so developers can code it the same as local VS Code.

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  1. audits audits Public

    Collection of published audits

    Solidity 4

  2. docs-site docs-site Public

    Oraichain documents

    JavaScript 2 1

  3. oraiswap oraiswap Public

    Uniswap-inspired automated market-maker (AMM) protocol powered by Smart Contracts on the Orai blockchain.

    Rust 17 15

  4. orai orai Public

    Monolithic repository of everything Oraichain

    Go 26 18

  5. cw-ide-vscode cw-ide-vscode Public

    An open-source project for CosmWasm smart contract developers

    TypeScript 30 9

  6. oraiwasm oraiwasm Public

    Oraichain smart contracts

    Rust 20 2


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