A GitHub :octocat: app to automatically review Python code style over Pull Requests
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A GitHub :octocat: integration to automatically review Python code style over Pull Requests

"PEP8 unto thyself, not unto others" - Raymond Hettinger


How to Use?

  • Go to the homepage of the Integration
  • Click on Install button
  • Add the repositories you want this service for


  • The bot makes a single comment on the PR and keeps updating it on new commits. No hustle on emails !
  • The bot comments only if Python files are involved. So, install the integration on all of your repositories. The bot won't speak where it should not
  • Comment @pep8speaks suggest diff in a comment of the PR, and it will comment a gist of diff suggesting fixes for the PR. Example
  • You can also comment @pep8speaks suggest the diff or anything you wish, as long as you mention the bot and have suggest and diff keywords.
  • Comment @pep8speaks pep8ify on the PR and it will create a Pull Request with changes suggested by autopep8 against the branch of the author of the PR. autopep8 fixes most of the errors reported by pycodestyle.
  • Add [skip pep8] anywhere in the commit message, PR title or PR description to prohibit pep8speaks to comment on the Pull Request.
  • To pause the bot on a PR, comment @pep8speaks Keep Quiet.
  • Comment @pep8speaks Resume now. to resume.
  • The keywords are quiet and resume and the mention of the bot.


A config file is not required for the integration to work. However it can be configured additionally by adding a .pep8speaks.yml file to the base directory of the repo. Here are the available options of the config file :

# File : .pep8speaks.yml

message:  # Customize the comment made by the bot
    opened:  # Messages when a new PR is submitted
        header: "Hello @{name}, Thank you for submitting the Pull Request !"
                # The keyword {name} is converted into the author's username
        footer: "Do see the [Hitchhiker's guide to code style](https://goo.gl/hqbW4r)"
                # The messages can be written as they would over GitHub
    updated:  # Messages when new commits are added to the PR
        header: "Hello @{name}, Thank you for updating !"
        footer: ""  # Why to comment the link to the style guide everytime? :)
    no_errors: "Cheers ! There are no PEP8 issues in this Pull Request. :beers: "

    diff_only: False  # If True, errors caused by only the patch are shown

    max-line-length: 100  # Default is 79 in PEP8
    ignore:  # Errors and warnings to ignore
        - W391
        - E203

only_mention_files_with_errors: True  # If False, a separate status comment for each file is made.
descending_issues_order: False # If True, PEP8 issues in message will be displayed in descending order of line numbers in the file

Check out the default configuration options.

Note : See more pycodestyle options

How to fix?

  • Check the errors locally by the command line tool pycodestyle (previously known as pep8).
  • autopep8 is another command line tool to fix the issues.

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Private repos


The integration only works for publicly hosted repositories. So if you are looking to deploy a fork of it or use the integration for private repositories, here are the instructions.


This is a very young project. If you have got any suggestions for new features or improvements, please comment over here. Pull Requests are most welcome !


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This project does not endorse all of the rules of the original PEP8 and thus believes in customizing the pycodestyle.