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DEPRECATED - See lila instead

This is an old version of This code is not used anymore, it has been replaced with a scala program: lila.

Very fast Chess game designed to run on a small server and play hundreds of concurrent games. GUI is only HTML5 and JavaScript.

  • Allows to play with a friend, a random player or an artificial intelligence.
  • Supports castling, en passant, selective promotion, color selection, check and mate detection, threefold repetition, and move validation.
  • Chess clock, integrated chat, real time spectator mode and analysis interface available.
  • Chess variants available: Standard and Chess960
  • Translated to 57 languages thanks to contributors.
  • Uses only open source languages: PHP 5.3, HTML5, Javascript and CSS. Powered by Symfony2, jQuery 1.5 and jQuery UI 1.8.
  • Learn more in the wiki