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  1. Retina blood vessel segmentation with a convolutional neural network

    Python 1.2k 462

  2. Implementation of Prototypical Networks for Few Shot Learning ( in Pytorch

    Python 822 200

  3. Implementation of Visual Feature Attribution using Wasserstein GANs (VAGANs, in PyTorch

    Python 93 24

  4. fwdgrad Public

    Implementation of "Gradients without backpropagation" paper ( using functorch

    Python 43 3

  5. Simple reimplementation of Maximum Density Divergence for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation ( in PyTorch Lightning

    Python 14

  6. Material for "PyTorch from Ground Up", a training session at PyCon Nove (Florence, 2018)

    Jupyter Notebook 10 5


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