Keyboard layout for Mac OS X that lets you type Anglo-Saxon Futhorc Runes
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Anglo-Saxon (Old English) Futhorc Runes Keyboard for Mac OS X


Want to type unicode runes on your Mac? Look no further! Simply copy the .layout and .icns files to your Keyboard Layouts folder. If you aren't able to view runes (the above looks like gibberish or boxes), then you'll need a font that covers runes like some of the fonts here. There's also code2000, which set out to cover the whole extended unicode range.

git clone
cd futhorc-keyboard-macosx
mkdir -p ~/Library/Keyboard\ Layouts/
cp Futhorc.* ~/Library/Keyboard\ Layouts

💁 If you want to type these runes on your iPhone, iPad, etc., then checkout my iOS app that lets you do just that.
💁 If you want to type these runes or other sets on Windows, check out these Runic Keyboard Layouts.
💁 If you want to edit the layout, check out Ukelele.

See COPYING for licensing.