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Quantle is mobile app written for iOS, which uses a microphone to listen to a talk and evaluate the talk's quality. Quantle is a presentation coach.

It estimates the number of syllables and words you say, computes the length of pauses you make, estimates your pitch and volume. Quantle works for languages in which the number of syllables in a word is determined by the number of vowels (e.g., English, German, Russian), although we tuned Quantle mainly for English.


  • Respects your privacy: Quantle neither stores your talk nor communicates any of its parts. Microphone data is processed in chunks and destroyed immediately afterwards.
  • Words, pauses, pitch & volume analysis: Quantle estimates the number of syllables, words and pauses in your speech. It also computes your pitch and how loud you talk.
  • Complexity scores: Quantle estimates complexity of your speech using dedicated complexity metrics.
  • Fairness & repeatability: Good presentation style is a matter of personal taste. Quantle is the first app to evaluate your speech in a fair and repeatitive way with no human bias.
  • Progress tracking: Quantle maintains a history of your talks. Track your progress as you practice your talk before the presentation.
  • Open source.