Breadboard Arduino ATmega328p with internal 8mhz clock
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Breadboard Arduino

ATmega 328p with internal 8mhz clock###

**Important: when using this, you must select the "Burn Bootloader" function from the tools menu in Arduino the first time and burn the bootloader with an AVR programmer. This is needed even if you are not going to use the Arduino bootloader because it sets the fuse settings for the internal clock. **

This version of the Breadboard Arduino boards file is compatible with Arduino 1.6.7. It is designed to work with an ATmega328p using the internal 8mhz oscillator. The bootloader works identically to the Arduino Uno bootloader.

There are 3 ways to install these boards files into Arduino.

Boards Manager

Add this link to your boards manager.

Download through the boards manager. This is the easiest method.

Git version###

Navigate to your Arduino hardware file directory. For windows this is located in Documents/Arduino/hardware/. Clone this repository into the hardware directory using .

git clone


Just download this repository and add it to your hardware file directory. For windows this is located in Documents/Arduino/hardware/