A bot that plays Quiplash using Markov chains
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A bot that plays Quiplash, Quiplash2 and Tee K.O. with Markov chains.


  • Ruby
    • version is in .ruby-version
  • Google Chrome (See "Browser Notes")
  • chromedriver (available in the AUR)
  • Linux
    • This uses Xvfb via the headless Gem, though you may be able to get it working on Windows just by removing that part of the code and dealing with all the windows that pop up

Generating the model

Ideally, you want a source file where:

  • Each line is a full single sentence with no blanks
  • Lines are separated by a newline (\n)
  • There are no strange characters (things far outside ASCII, it's up to you to figure out what you want)

I've included a script ./generate_mode.rb that attempts to do some quick, naive processing, but if you have the technical know-how, you're probably best off coming up with the sed/awk commands yourself that best transform your particular data source.

Sample usage:

./generate_model.rb don_quixote.txt`

This will produce the file model.mp.gz in the current directory.


  1. Install the prereqs above
  2. bundle install
  3. bundle exec ./quipbot.rb -h to see usage information

Current Status

The bot can:

  • Join a game
  • Read and respond to prompts using a markov chain
  • Vote for random choices
  • Resume a game if the program crashes
  • Play as multiple players (separation of sessions)

Future plans:

  • "Intelligent" voting - the bot somehow uses the Markov model to determine what answer it like best



Browser Notes

Technically, this should work with any browser that supports Watir Webdriver and can run Jackbox. In practice, I had a lot of problems getting it working on the latest Firefox with geckodriver on Arch after a recent update, so by default it now uses Chrome with chromedriver. There's some standardization work underway for a browser-agnostic control protocol, so hopefully that will improve the situation in the future.

Legal Disclaimer

The legal team at my current employer is making me put this in here, in case it somehow wasn't obvious that no company is responsible for such a stupid and poorly written project:

I am providing the code in this repository to you under an open source license. Because this is my personal repository, the license you receive to my code is from me and not from my employer (Facebook).